2013 Literary Pin-up Calendar: Jacqueline Carey

This past week Powell’s City of Books hosted Jacqueline Carey’s reading of her new book, Dark Currents.

After the entertaining reading (and a ‘twitchy tail’ drinking game) Jacqueline answered questions from the audience. While the majority were precise and obscure questions about histories and locations from her series, there were members of the audience (unaware of my presence) curious about Jacqueline’s participation in the literary pin-up calendar so Jacqueline and I shared the background story, handed out 2012 calendars, and gave the audience sneak peaks.

Which leads me to the unveiling today of Jacqueline’s pin-up, the glamorous and heroic international courtesan Phèdre nó Delaunay:

This past week also saw news of the calendar make the rounds including stories in the Huffington Post, the Escapist, and the Guardian of London. It is exciting to see it get a wider audience, especially since it is all for charity!

You can pre-order the calendar at the Tinker’s Packs.