Europe 2014 Summary

It’s been a month of glorious travel in Europe. Budapest, Vienna, and Prague (with special guest appearances by Moosbrun, Bratislava, Telč, and Kutná Hora). Our previously posted trio of journals (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) is a lot to wade through (we know, we lived it!), so we post this captioned pictorial summing up in hopes that those of you who don’t want the minutiae might enjoy it:

Amazing view from Hotel Gellert along the Danube.

1b Up early because of jetlag; plus side is beautiful sunrises.

2Spa day at the Gellert Baths!

3Hike to the castle early in the morning. Beautiful views.

4Some behind the scenes repairs being done early in the morning.

5Another spa day. We just couldn’t get enough of the beauty and hot water.

3cTraveled from Hungary to Austria.

Stopped at friend Kathi’s family’s farmhouse in Moosbrunn.

1Stayed with Kathi in her beautiful apartment in Vienna.

2Day trip to Slovakia. Explored the ruined Castle Devin.

4Were greeted in Bratislava by the carnival!

5More views of Bratislava.

6Trip out to see Kathi’s brother Philipp.

Left: the Golden Plum.

Right: Philipp’s store front for classic Viennese tiles.

7 Walk along the Danube.

8Vineyard overlooking Vienna.

10Delicious sushi dinner!

11Exploring Vienna: the Belvedere and environs.

13The most memorable painting for us in the Belvedere.

13bSt. Marx Cemetery, resting place to Mozart and many others.

Currently in beautiful decay but ongoing repairs may change that.

14Ferris Wheel view of Vienna at sunset.

15General frolicking.

16Leaving Austria for the Czech Republic one must drive by… Excalibur City!!!


A rainy day in Telč.

2 The Sedlec Ossuary at Kutná Hora.

4a“When life gives you plague victims, build bone sculptures.”

4bLovely apartment in Prague.

Krampus sighting at the local “farmer’s” market.

5Our group enjoying a delicious luncheon.

9Up to the castle on the hill (there’s always a castle on the hill.)

10 St. Vitus’ Cathedral.

11A detour on the way back leads to hijinx and purloined fruit.

12No comment. Or better yet, “caption this”.

13 The Grail of the trip: Mucha’s Slav Epic.

No we aren’t going to post lots of pictures, you need to go see it yourself!

No really, please do go see it.

14Dinner and after-dinner art.

16 Prague has a cherub problem.

17Miscellaneous beauties seen in Prague.

18Castle on the hill, Kafka, and a synagogue.

20It can be a good idea to go inside buildings.

You never know when you will find an upside down horse.

7Peacock paradise. And the forbidden gardening shed.

22Mucha’s stained glass window at St Vitus’ Cathedral.

24Various treats of the day.

25Sculpted wall  – part nouveau fever dream and part concrete folly.

26And finally the culmination of our trip, Della and Kevin’s wedding!

28Thank you for sharing our trip with us!