Progress of the Year

Thus far the year has flown by with work and travel and guests.

I’ve worked on book covers, theater posters, logos, and more but through all that have still found time to do some personal work.

Month of Love this year came during one of my busiest stretches so I was unable to go all out and post every single week as I love to do. However the two pieces I did have time for are two of my favorites this year.

As with most of the US, I have been swept away by Hamilton and wanted to create my own homage to it’s ground breaking beauty. I hope to continue with more pieces in this style as a series.

LAFAYETTEJoseph-Désiré Court, 1791

My sweetheart Venetia posed for the Dominatrix, not her usual style and the outtakes from our photoshoot are quite entertaining.

MonthOfLove2Our dear friend Accalia was here from Canada for the Rachel Brice Elements program and posed for the Goddess Allatu.

AllatuZZHopefully the second half of 2016 will see more personal projects as well as business as usual!