Month of Love – Beauty



by Lee Moyer and

Done for the 2019 Month of Love challenge, “Beauty”

“Whatever happened to Fay Wray?
That delicate satin draped frame
As it clung to her thigh, how I started to cry
‘Cause I wanted to be dressed just the same….”

– Doctor Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

“It was Beauty Killed the Beast”

– Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) in “King Kong”



Art Appreciation

Paul is one of my favorite people and favorite artists.
His sketchbook is a thing of eldritch beauty and horror.
And his finished work – whether for HR Giger or film – is wonderful.
This is very small sample, but hopefully one that will whet your appetite:

Month of Love – Something Blue


Something Blue

by Lee Moyer and

Done for the 2018 Month of Love challenge, “Blue”

And anyone still in doubt as to my ‘Month of Love’ intentions should find those doubts put to rest.
This color-coded series strives to show that even long-time and fierce opposition can lead to love in time.

Here’s to the Power of Love!

Month of Love – Black



by Lee Moyer and

Done for the 2018 Month of Love challenge, “Black”.

This month’s prompts led me down a very dark and very strange alley.
It felt like Destiny and who am I to fight Destiny?

This first only hints at the grand design.
I hope you’ll share the love.