[image description: A wildly opalescent oval with a sweet vaguely-feline face, eyes closed and a purple/violet gem on its forehead. Text reads, “ #260, LAMELLA, SMALL GOD OF OPALESCENCE”]

• • • • •

Whether refraction or reflection, opalescence is beautiful: no one can deny that.  It transforms something simple into something infinitely complex, layered and deep in ways that can defy description.  It’s not the only effect of its kind—aventurescence is spoken less frequently, and labradorescence less frequently even than that—but it’s the one everyone knows, the one pursued in children’s playsets and in countless shades of nail polish.

There are many complex, scientific explanations for the phenomenon of opalescence, but for most, it seems like magic, and where magic and physics are invoked together, gods are born.

Lamella isn’t inherently a good god or a bad god.  They don’t care about morality.  We’re not sure they even understand what it is.  They’re a god of appearances, of the surface of things and the deep structures that support that surface.  They just want things to be beautiful.

Blood can be beautiful, before it dries.  So can a butterfly’s wings in the sun.  Lamella loves them both equally, and they will not save you.

Remember that when something shimmers.  When it shines.

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