Genio Pazzo – small god of ‘so crazy it just might work’

[image description: A page from daVinci’s notebook shows the design of a Space Shuttle which also appears to be the nose and mouth of a larger being, whose large eyes float in what appears to be the outline of a face. Text reads, “252, Genio Pazzo, small god of ‘so crazy it just might work’”.]

• • • • •

“I swear, Billy, I saw it on the Discovery Channel.  This is how baby terns learn how to fly.  It’s probably how baby PTERODACTYLS learned how to fly.  Don’t you want to be like a pterodactyl?  As long as we can catch a draft under your wings, you’ll be able to generate lift, and then wham, bam, you’re flying!…of course you have wings, Billy.  I built ‘em myself.  They’re nailed to the side of the wagon real good.  You’ll be fine.  Don’t you want to fly?”

“Come on, Susan, it’s perfect!  Ariel means mermaids can turn into humans, and that means humans can turn into mermaids, too, if we just try hard enough.  Saran Wrap doesn’t tear.  So I have a tail now, see?  And if you’ll just push me over the edge of the creek, I can be a mermaid!  I’ll swim all the way out to sea and find the King of the Mermaids, and then I can come back and get you, and we can go down to the underwater kingdoms and be happy forever.  It’ll be fine.”

“What could possibly be wrong?”

“I think it’s going to work this time!”

“Look, Anja!   The laser works!”

“Just press the button!”

“Fire me, boy!”

…yeah.  His worshippers live short, exciting, exhilarating lives, and he won’t apologize for that, or for them, although he can probably recommend a good shampoo to help get them out of your hair after the inevitable explosion.  Some of them survive!  Some of them go on to do great things, pushing forward the boundaries of human science and discovery!  Others…

Well, others don’t, but we don’t really talk about them when we don’t have to.  Gods of inspiration and gods of graveyards are often indistinguishable from any sort of a distance.  As long as everyone’s having fun, does it really matter if a few of them get hurt?

Does it?



• • • • •

Please join Lee Moyer (Icon) and Seanan McGuire (Story) each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a guide to the many tiny divinities:





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