MJÖLL – Small God of Snow Days

[image description: A graceful ballerina en point with arms outspread and a full tutu dances amid falling snow and swirling snowflakes on a dark blue violet background. Text reads “MJÖLL Small God of Snow Days 228”]

• • • • •

Well, she’s not a fan of global climate change, she’ll tell you that one for free.

Mjöll is one of those gods who looks different depending on which side of the thaw you’re standing on.  To kids, she’s an enchantment, a delight, a little slice of freedom in the depths of winter.  She paints the world in sparkling white and silver, casting the mundane into something spectacular and new, something outside the norm.  She’s a god they pray to whether they realize it or not, hoping she’ll come for them, and she does, when she can.  She’s a god of weather, but she’s not a weather god: she doesn’t summon the snow, only follows in its wake.  This limits her, but her rewards are reaped in joy as the snow comes falling down.

To adults, she’s a cruel temptation to joys they have long since left behind them, a burden and a complication on lives already rendered far too complicated by their own decisions.  She’s terrible traffic and missed flights and bare cupboards, she’s burst pipes and frozen walkways and the dim, distant memory that once, she was beloved; once, she was welcome and wanted.  She becomes a reminder of mortality, a sign that things have changed and, after changing, will not be changing back.

But sometimes, when the calendar aligns just so, she can be joy for them as well, can be a release and a relief from the duties of their daily lives.  She can be found among the children and adults laughing in the winter sun, snowflakes in their hair and ice on their boots, throwing snowballs at one another as if there would never be another thaw.  As if there would never be another summer.

As if they never wanted there to be.

Mjöll knows the times are changing, knows that one day the thaw will not be followed by the freeze, knows her days among the pantheon are limited.  But for now, she also knows joy, and she does her best with what she has and what she is.

She dances in the snow.

• • • • •

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