Little Rey – The Small God of Tranquility Amid Tumult

[image description: A small light-colored bunny in a golden robe smiles sweetly as they stand in a bright opening in threateningly swirling storm clouds. Text reads, “Little Rey The Small God of Tranquility Amid Tumult 227”]

• • • • •

There are more gods of chaos and calamity than we could ever document here, or would even dare to try—speaking their names attracts their attention, and we don’t need that kind of energy in the archives when we don’t have to invite it in.  So while yes, they will be a part of our accounting, as they must be for this to be accurate and honest, we will tread likely where they are concerned, in hopes of holding them a little longer at bay.

But then there are the gods adjacent to chaos, the ones whose invocation can provide a measure of peace and protection, the ones we all need to have beside us.  Paws, Small God of Catching a Breath, is one such god, here to provide a momentary haven in a troubled world.  Miss Association, Small God of Daydreaming, is another.

And then there is Little Rey.

Through fields of fire and under skies of lightning, Little Rey walks, serene and content, finding the small beauties that survive the burn, finding the cool water amidst pools of pollution, finding all the good things that remain in a world fallen into chaos.  Where there’s life, there’s hope, and Little Rey embodies this ideal.  Ey were born when the world first became aware enough to know it wasn’t perfect, and ey will endure until perfection is achieved or chaos consumes all.  Ey lend eir followers the serenity to walk with calm minds and open hands through a world that all too often seems set on stopping them where they stand.

Ey love everyone who follows em, and many who do not, for there is no single choice that makes someone entirely unworthy of love.  At the same time, ey do not give eir love without consideration or constraint: there are those who make tranquility impossible, and they are not welcome in the temples of Little Rey.

Little Rey walks, and where ey go, serenity and tranquility will follow.  Not all at once, perhaps, but with peace and time.

Be grateful for the time ey can spend with you, and when you look upon the collapse of all your plans and feel peace stealing over you, know that Little Rey is there with you, keeping you company, protecting your tranquility from the forces of chaos.  Offer em your thanks, if you remember.  Invite em to come back again.  and remember that Little Rey comes with chaos, but doesn’t cause it.

Little Rey just makes it easier to survive.

• • • • •

Join Lee Moyer (Icon) and Seanan McGuire (Story) Monday, Wednesday, and  Friday for a guide to the many small deities who manage our modern  world:





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