Ani – the small god of Reanimation

[Image description: A smiling skeleton with a necklace of seeds and dried flowers (an a green halo of leaves and ribbons) holds an open tome with a faint blue sigil on its cover. Pumpkin candles with lit flames light the scene. Text reads, “Ani the small god of Reanimation, 222”]

• • • • •

Being born one of four is not always the easiest position to hold, especially when you’re the youngest.  Especially when your parents—nebulous as the best godly parents always are, the ones who exist more concretely have a nasty tendency to try to eat their children and it’s just unpleasant for everyone involved—give you all essentially the same name.  But every family has its black sheep, its rebel, its ultimate recycler.

Enter Ani.  Her sisters don’t always like to talk about her, especially since she’s the only one to reject the clear and convenient “Rhea” that the rest of them are well-content to share.  It’s selfish, wanting to have a name that only belongs to her, and not to anybody else!  It’s selfish and it’s petty and it’s so self-centered as to be very nearly, well, mortal!

Plus, the rest of them are doing good, useful things for the world and the environment, and she’s disrupting the natural cycle of life, death, and decay.

Ani just thinks nothing should be wasted.


And who doesn’t love a good family reunion?  Even when Grandpa doesn’t have any skin anymore, he’s still Grandpa.  You should be happy to share yours with him.  He won’t give it back, but as long as he doesn’t take too much, you’ll grow more.  Probably.  Ani is thrilled to facilitate these reunions.

The best gift a god can give is a second (or third, or fourth) shot at life.  She’s always happy to make that happen when she has the chance.

Her sisters would like her to stop.  Almost everyone would like her to stop.

Ani is not intending to stop.  You can’t keep a dead horse down.

• • • • •

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