Rhea – small god of reuse

[image description: A tiny big-eyed butterfly-like being with stained glass wings and a gadget-adorned metallic body sports a hat made from a discarded T-Rex toy, looking up hopefully. Behind and blow them, gears spin. Text reads, “Rhea small god of reuse, 221”]

• • • • •

Much like her sisters, Rhea and Rhea, Rhea believes, all the way to the bottom of the bones she may or may not have (being a god, and hence nebulous in form and physicality) that there’s no reason anything should be thrown carelessly away.  A shoe, too worn out to be worn, can become a clever pot for a small plant; a bra, past its use date, can be turned into lockpicks and wound covers and even shell fasteners for an injured turtle.  The world is full of reusable things!  And if we regift and reuse everything until it’s really and truly used up beyond discussion, we can recycle it then, when it’s finally finished.

She is the small god of upcycling and repair, of reuse and repurposing, and she knows what she wants, and what she wants is for you to use that milk jug as an irrigation system.  What she wants is for you to understand your possessions so completely that you can think of a hundred ways to use them.

What she wants is for you to respect the items that devote their lives to making your life better.

Sometimes her position overlaps those of her sisters, and that doesn’t bother any of them.  They know how to share.  An item which passes through all three sets of hands will be an item which is honored, cherished, and truly understood in its time, before it inevitably passes into the palaces of memory, where the gods of the inanimate will gather it close, respecting what it is, what it was, and what it never had the opportunity to be.

Rhea is a god of change and transformation, and she welcomes us as we chart new life paths, as we find new means of being entirely ourselves, as we discover our destinies down paths surprising or familiar.  She will help us to remake ourselves if that is what we desire.  She is always happy to help.  She just wants everything—and everyone—to be used to the very best possible effect.

She cares for the things she protects.  She will protect you too, if you allow her.

She will also hang a windchime made of forks from your porch rail while you’re not looking, but that’s a small enough thing.  That can probably be ignored.

• • • • •

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