FORRY – the small god of COLLECTING

[image description: A man in a black suit with an insignia (is that Dracula’s seal?) over his breast pocket stands amid a vasty collection. I’d love to describe it to you, but these platforms all have character limits. That said, maybe you’ll be the first person to name EVERY item pictured here (and there are some tricky ones – including a couple which can probably only be guessed in context)? Text reads, “212, FORRY, the small god of COLLECTING.”]

• • • • •

Forry…ah, Forry.  One of a kind, that guy.  A rare specimen indeed.  So it’s only understandable that when he died, the pantheon collected him, lifted him up and made him part of their catalog.  He’s here now, and unless the nature of humans changes dramatically, he’s going to be here forever.

Collecting is a natural urge.  Everyone does it.  They see a shiny shell or a special rock, they pick it up and take it home.  For some people, it goes from urge to obsession, every little trinket and scrap that touches their hands becoming a part of some osmotic whole that only they can see.  Those people aren’t Forry’s.  They belong to Mebbe, small god of hoarding, or to Sal, small god of thrift and salvage, and Forry cannot reach them.

For others, the drive to collect narrows, focuses on one thing or type of thing, and becomes a passion.  They turn their lives into shrines to baseball cards, ceramic cats, comic books or plastic horses.  They fill bin upon bin with brightly-colored polyhedral shapes, and deny, loudly, that they have a problem, even as they throw money into a hole that can never be completely filled.  Some of them are joyous in their collections.  Others are compulsive, dancing the border between Mebbe and Forry, unable to stop themselves.

But all things can be beautiful in moderation, and what “moderation” means is determined by the individual.  If it makes a person happy to own eight hundred Barbie dolls, and their life is otherwise following the paths a society sees as “thriving”—their bills are paid, their children are fed, their house is in whatever state of cleanliness comforts them all—what are they doing wrong?  Follow your dreams, be happy.  Buy those dice.  Remember what joy feels like.

Forry will be there for you the whole time.  Holding tight.  He doesn’t want you to slip from his collection into someone else’s, after all.

• • • • •

Join Lee Moyer (Icon) and Seanan McGuire (Story) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a guide to the many small deities who manage our modern world:





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