Princess Chia – the small god of ‘76

[image description:  A portrait of a space princess with growing green plants for hair and radiant – almost hallucinatory – lines and swirls behind her. And that’s not even mentioning the small moon, the stars or the trippy lettering, all rendered in an outlined style reminiscent of Yellow Submarine or Peter Max. Text reads, “207, Princess Chia, ‘the small god’ (is taped over the words ’The Spirit’ of ‘76”]

• • • • •

Hey, man.  Far out, right?  Outta this world.  Most people met her later than ’76, but ’76 was when she was first believed into being, by hair and makeup and central casting, all bringing her to incarnation on the bright-eyed face of a twenty-year-old girl who had no idea that she was flirting with the divine (in more ways than one, as Carrie herself has since ascended to serve as the small god of Rebellion).  So many decisions were made in ’76, decisions that would come to shake the world, but that seemed, in the moment, as things of little consequence, as little consequence as the filming of a two-bit science fiction film, destined to fail and be forgotten.

But they didn’t fail.  They weren’t forgotten.  They flew.  And when they flew, she flew with them, bright and young and innocent and flawed and perfect.  She inspired generations to reach farther, stand taller, rebel, blossom, and grow.  And she did it all with 1976 brushed across her cheeks and shining in her eyes.  A moment can extend beyond its place on the calendar, but it can never truly leave that place behind: it will always know where it came from.  She will always know where she came from.

And if we’re good, if we’re very, very good, if we’re bright-eyed and earnest and willing to fly, she may be there to gather us close, to tell us to protect our shining starlight hearts, to keep the spark of ’76 burning deep within our breasts, to help us take off so fast and so fiercely that we’re halfway into orbit before anyone knows we’re gone.

She’s a nebulous god.  Her faithful love her all the same, and given time, she will lead every one of them home.

Believe her.

• • • • •

Join Lee Moyer (Icon) and Seanan McGuire (Story) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a guide to the many small deities who manage our modern world:





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