[image description: It’s as if Colonial painter Gilbert Stuart had painted a founding father sporting the infamous foam cheese-hat of the Green Bay Packers.  Text reads, “195, GEORGE WISCONSIN, THE SMALL GOD OF IDENTITY POLITICS”]

* * * * * * * * * *

He tells you exactly who he is.

It’s written on his shirt, and on his hat, and in ink on a variety of his body parts, and he isn’t shy about making sure you know those things are there.  He tells you and he tells you and it’s a good idea to believe him, even though he’ll probably be annoyed if you do: half of his effectiveness depends on taking people by surprise.  But he’s happy to accuse you of being him, if that helps.  He’ll base everything he is on where he went to college or what politician he’s decided to believe in this week, and then he’ll say that you’re playing identity politics when you ask to have your humanity acknowledged, to be allowed to exist as an independent being and not a political bargaining chip.  As if the things he could choose to put aside are the same as the things you actually ARE.

We don’t much care for George around these parts, in case you can’t tell.

But we’ll give him this much: he tells you exactly who he is.

All you have to do is listen.

* * * * * * * * * *

Join Lee Moyer (Icon) and Seanan McGuire (Story) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a guide to the many small deities who manage our modern world:





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