Jin Jin Jin, the Small God of Bright Shiny Objects

[image description: A great golden dragon – with many long whiskers, spines, and fingers – rises up from a cliff face against a dark blue sky to admire a very shiny white sphere. A massive pearl? Text reads, “176, Jin Jin Jin, the Small God of Bright Shiny Objects”]


She is with us from the moment we open our eyes or hold out our hands, fingers spread to understand the world.  She is with us before we can focus, and at the end, when the focus slips away.  She is in the sparkle of the sunlight on the pavement, in the bright chime of silverware against crystal, in the brush of a bird’s feathered wing against a cheek, and she is fleeting, and she is perfect.  She has always been perfect.  She has always been flawed.

She has always loved us.

For some, her worship can become an obsession.  They chase from bright, shiny object to bright, shiny object, never content, never complete, casting every piece aside in their eager search for the next one.  They are never happy, never fulfilled, and they are convinced that they, and they alone, serve her in her truest form.  They have no savor, but they have faith, and she welcomes them.

For others, her worship is seen as frivolous.  They live lives devoid of fripperies, eschewing the sparkly or the novel for the tried and true.  They do not feel the need to ornament themselves, preferring to cleave to the strictly functional.  They are happy in their own way, and she does not understand them, and she leaves them be, subjects of other gods, and she is not welcome at their door.

But for many, her worship is a casual thing, as fleeting and as frequent as the small joys which spangle their lives.  She is with them when they find a quarter dropped in a parking lot, or when they spot a perfect ripe blackberry hanging heavy on the vine.  She is with them at the yard sales and in the second hand shops, and she rejoices in every treasure they discover, and she loves them, and she loves them, and she loves them.  Souls such as theirs are the bright, shiny things she loves the most.

She will love you, if you let her.  If you never shut yourself away from joy.

She will love you.


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