[image description: A bouncing baby sheep jounces forward – its mouth open and its enthusiasm inescapable. Text reads, “165, Kid Ricochet IS THE SMALL – WILDLY EXUBERANT – GOD OF THE HYPERACTIVE VOICE!!!”]


It’s nice to meet you, unless we’ve met before, in which case, it’s nice to see you again!  I don’t always have the best remembery for things like that!  Or things like spelling, because spelling doesn’t matter as much as exclamation points!  As long as you can tell basically what I’m trying to say, it’s okay if you can’t spell!  Old Willy couldn’t spell, and so they let him just make up words whenever he wanted!  Ha!  Ha!   BOOM!

…I mean, there’s also some historical indicators that Willy just did a real good job of listening to the teenage girls who hung out near the theater, since nobody makes up words like a teenage girl, but that probably doesn’t matter, because we remember him and we don’t remember them, and erasure is a literary device that doesn’t need a god, because it’s omnipresent.  Erasure would be a BIG god, a HUGE god, like the god of having air to breathe and rocks to bounce off!  So if he stole the words he’s supposed to have made, I guess it’s okay, because he did it in the name of a god bigger than me, and he was very enthusiastic!

(Hello.  This is Anne O’Tate, the small god of footnotes, chiming in to ask you to please forgive Kid.  He’s very young, for all that he’s very old indeed; he’s never going to be anything but very young, and he doesn’t always understand that certain things are wrong, no matter how famous the people who do them are.  We’re trying.  His wooly little head just doesn’t have the room for much that isn’t wolves and exclamation points.)

But hi!

I’m here to help you write more better!  Because when you write with ME, you write excitement!  You write adventure!  You write ray guns and detectives and big monsters and it’s all fun and it’s all good and it’s all AWESOME!  Because I’M awesome, and I have lots of exclamation points!  Have a few more!!  They don’t go bad!!!

It’s nice to meet you and I have to go because someone else always needs me, but I hope you’ll write big, exciting things!!  We need big exciting things!!


(I have to go with him.  He doesn’t do well, unsupervised.  Sorry again.  He tries.)

Join Lee Moyer (Icon) and Seanan McGuire (Story) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a guide to the many small deities who manage our modern world:





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