Art Appreciation

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law spent years in some of the same trenches I did (Games, Spectrum, Llewelyn books, et al). But where I seem to have emerged caked in mud, Stephanie has soared skyward. Her award-winning work is featured in galleries, books and her own deck of Tarot cards. Her elegant and detailed watercolors limn magical and unearthly vistas populated by very real animals. Enjoy!




Current Work

Time for more Month of Love! Here are weeks three and four!


Month of Love – Week 3: Keys

As I thought about keys, I knew I wanted to show them in their glorious variety. I thought I had a plan, but then I saw the brilliant cover that Michael Kaluta had recently made for Joe Hill’s Locke & Key. There was no way I was going to compete with that!

But then I thought of a scene in Return to Oz – the game of finding things – and I remembered Silver, the Clockwork Girl of Oz. I’d invented her (and several other Oz characters) years ago for a still-secret project with old friend Keith Baker, and it struck me that she summed up much of what I was feeling. I hope you like her as much as she would like you.

tumblr_ol4xl0wk0n1u7lrveo1_1280Week 4: Metamorphosis for Month of Love

A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle

Meg Murry is changing, and so is the cancer that is eating her younger brother alive.
So too is the the ‘Drive of Dragons’ that Charles Wallace witnesses in the wood.
Metamorphoses bring risk but, if we are true and brave and kind, also opportunity.

Art Appreciation

I met Traci Cook years ago when she was still a student here in Portland.

It’s been a joy to watch her grow and evolve as a person and as an artist.

She has done all kinds of production work I cannot show here, but her bird series is happily something I can.

Her work can be found here:




Current Work

February marks the return of the Month of Love!


Week 1


By Lee Moyer –

2017 Month of Love Challenge: Secrets 

Secrets are a thorny subject for me, largely because I find secrets to be almost universally pernicious. If people just talked honestly, then so many things would be better (and so many films and plays nipped in the bud).

But then I realized that there is a kind of benevolent Secret – The Secret Kingdom.

In this case – Shambhala, and my chance to tip my hat to the late great Russian Mystic and Theosophist Painter, Nicholas Roerich. Roerich sought Shambhala and painted many astonishing pieces high in the Himalayas (In egg tempura. In winter. The mind boggles!) Years ago I led a bunch of wonderful NY artists (including Month of Love founder Kristina Carroll) on a walk from Midtown up to Roerich’s secret museum on the Upper West Side. Come to think of it, I loved sharing that secret.


Week 2


by Lee

2017 Month of Love Challenge: Innocent

In “Beasts of the Southern Wild”, the radiant Quvenzhané Wallis embodies not the weakness, but the power of innocence. I can only hope she (and the filmmakers) enjoy this work as much as I enjoyed theirs.