Current Work

The end of 2016 marked the appearance of several new Small Gods including the three delicious Queens, Tim Curry, Barbara Shelley and Freddie Mercury.

First up – the Mayfair Music Hall is proud to present Mister Tim Curry!


I am so lucky to have so many experts to turn to!
When I wanted a proper Queen of Hammer Horror Films, I turned to author and critic Kim Newman (If you haven’t read his work, I recommend the amazing ‘Anno Dracula’ and ‘Life’s Lottery’ for starters). He suggested Hazel Court or Barbara Shelley. But his description of the latter tipped the crown to her: “Shelley in ‘Dracula Queen of Darkness’ gets to be vampire victim, vampire predator and screeching impaled vampire in succession.”

Here’s to Barbara Shelley:


And here, without further ado is the third Queen whose designation should speak for itself. Possibly in a remarkable vibrato. Long live the Queen!



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