Theatrical Thursday

Theatre poster of the week,  Godspell.


No Shame Theatre post of the week.

A Republican Reverie 

A piece for two voices        Voice 1: Bold Text        Voice 2: Italic Text

(lights up full)


All the presidents menus

Caviar without caveat.

Caveat emptor


The Emperor’s New Clotheshorse

Wayne Newton joins the Dick Armey

How the Newt Gingrich stole Christmas

How Do Ron Ron?


Ex-con, Exxon

Enron, L. Ron

Don Regan, Ron Reagan.

Nancy boys and Hardy Boys

The religious right, the religious right now.


Diabetics for Dianetics.

Rehnquist and shout.

Gone a-courting


Currying favor, carrying furor

Vested interests, interesting vests.

Caesar Dressing, undressing at the palace.

Julius and Sid. Milton Burlesque,

A John Milton Omar Bradley Game.

Fun for the whole family values.


Look on my works ye mighty.

And disappear.





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