2013 Literary Pin-up Calendar: Jacqueline Carey

This past week Powell’s City of Books hosted Jacqueline Carey’s reading of her new book, Dark Currents.

After the entertaining reading (and a ‘twitchy tail’ drinking game) Jacqueline answered questions from the audience. While the majority were precise and obscure questions about histories and locations from her series, there were members of the audience (unaware of my presence) curious about Jacqueline’s participation in the literary pin-up calendar so Jacqueline and I shared the background story, handed out 2012 calendars, and gave the audience sneak peaks.

Which leads me to the unveiling today of Jacqueline’s pin-up, the glamorous and heroic international courtesan Phèdre nó Delaunay:

This past week also saw news of the calendar make the rounds including stories in the Huffington Post, the Escapist, and the Guardian of London. It is exciting to see it get a wider audience, especially since it is all for charity!

You can pre-order the calendar at the Tinker’s Packs.

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11 thoughts on “2013 Literary Pin-up Calendar: Jacqueline Carey

  1. I jsut wanted to say this was amazing! Better then the cover art on 2/3 of the books! I almost wish she was front facing so I could see if what I think is on that collar is!

      • The leash was worn in the first book, she only wore dresses that showed her marque in the second book, and she killed The Mahrkagir with a hair stick in book three. So it manages to reference all three of Phedre’s books.

      • I know that’s the leash/diamond, and the hairpins, but I have a friend who swears that was the dress she wore at her debut after her re-dedication to naamah, but it’s be a miracle if my brain would work and if I could remember if that was in book two or three, or the description of the dress (Two job, both retail, this close to christmas. My name ta is the only way I remember who I am! usually I;m near photographic with my memory.)

      • It was book 2. She returned to the service during the midwinter masque to flush out Melisande. I’ve read them all so many times, I can remember almost all events in the first three books lol.

  2. I was the girl who asked the question at the book signing regarding the calendar (thanks for the 2012 calendar, btw!). Will be ordering next year’s calendar this weekend. Would love to get it signed as visit Portland frequently… =D You are incredibly talented and it was a pleasure to meet you.

    • I thank you for writing back Brigid. I’m sorry I hadn’t replied – things have been a bit mad here.
      I’d been keeping your previous note among the 6 in my inbox, waiting to respond until we had the new print arrangements fully in place (with my new web site!), but the answer to your question is “Yes, I will sell prints. Soon.”

      Please send me a note to:

      We’ll get you info via proper channels as soon as we can.
      Thanks again for your patience,

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